The Brolly Sheets Story

My name is Diane and I grew up in Hamilton, New Zealand.

I love to travel and moved to London when I was 20, staying for 7 years.   After about 6 years back in NZ,  my husband and I moved to Washington DC for a few years and then onto Sydney.  So we really have moved around the globe.

I have two children, Mia and Lewis, who are now teenagers, but a long time ago were the reason for creating Brolly Sheets.

I designed Brolly Sheets in 2006 after I needed a fast and easy solution to changing Mia’s bed in the middle of the night. She used to sleep in a bottom bunk and every night I would hit my head on the top bunk as I completely stripped and remade her bed. (OK – we aren’t all as co-coordinated in the middle of the night as we would like to be!). I don’t know about you but the sooner I can get back to sleep, the more reasonable I am the next day.

They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions and I knew there had to be a better way so I created a waterproof mattress protector that my children could comfortably sleep on. I bought some fabric and waterproofing and made the first ever Brolly Sheet.

Because it was designed by me – a Mum, I made sure that Brolly Sheets came in fantastic colours to match a child’s decor and bedding. They also come in cot, single, king-single, double and queen bed sizes and are easy to wash!

Brolly Sheets really is a family business as both children have often helped out with packing and being models in the photo shoots; they are used to discussions about tax and import duty at the dinner table and spend time in the school holidays at the office.   Hubby and I try for the odd date night – but inevitably end up talking about the kids or business or the kids.

Life is pretty darn good 🙂






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