Is your pillow cleaner than a public toilet?

A Clean Pillow is Now More Important Than Ever

Do you have a clean pillow? Probably not according to research which says your pillow may have more germs than a public toilet. Scientists have found that the average pillow contains more than 350,000 colonies of bacteria. It’s the ultimate nightmare yuck factor!


Are You Sure You’ve Got a Clean Pillow?

Did you know that if your pillow is two or more years old, up to a third of it’s weight is actually dead skin cells and dust mite faeces? Your skin and sweat is also absorbed into your pillow every night. So has everyone else’s who have slept in your bed, including your ex’s!

What can you do about keeping you and your family healthy and safe when it comes to your pillows?

·         Replace your pillow every two years

·         Wash your pillow at least twice a year

·         Use a pillow protector and wash it once a month

.         Use a pillowcase and wash it once a week


Disgusting Facts That’ll Make You Crave a Clean Pillow

Pillows are everywhere in our homes and we use them without even thinking about the consequences. But now it’s time to stop and think because they are like bio hazardous material!

·         E. coli, a stomach bug which causes diarrhoea is found on pillows

·         Dust mites, which cause asthma and allergies, love living in your pillows and feeding on your dead skin cells

·         Aspergillus fumigatus is a potentially harmful fungus which attacks weakened immune systems. It lives on pillows

·         Faecal matter is commonly found on our pillows and everywhere else in our homes

Avoid the Nightmare of a Dirty Pillow

Pillows are comfy and cosy accessories for our beds. We love to snuggle up with a pillow and spend around eight hours each night on it. With experts recommending a new pillow every two years, that can get very pricey on our wallets. Using a pillow protector can help save you money and extend the life of your pillow by:

·         Keeping pillows free from stains

·         Protecting against sweat and dribble

·         Stopping dead skin cells getting into your pillow. As the main food supply for dust mites, if we cut off their access to it, we reduce their numbers too.

A clean pillow is free from mould spores and dampness too. Our pillow protectors allow air to flow through the cover to reach the pillow. With monthly washing, they stop bacteria from reaching the pillow itself, giving you a hygienic clean pillow.

Brolly Sheets have three version of waterproof, soft comfy pillow protectors.  Cotton. quilted and terry toweling.

Order your pillow protectors today and receive a discount when you purchase two or more!

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