A really special family

Rosenow family shot (Oct 2017)

When it’s 2 am and you are woken from a deep sleep by your child’s crying; the bed is wet for the fifth night in a row and you are just exhausted after a long day…

…Think of Scott and Kathy Rosenow from Ohio. They first made contact with us a year ago to ask for advice on how best to dry their Brolly Sheets.

They are parents to 22 children – 4 biological and 18 adopted. Most of their children have special needs, and 19 are living at home. They told us that the discovery of our Brolly pads with wings has been one of their greatest finds ever, since they have multiple children who struggle with incontinence.

Rosenow family shot (Oct 2017)
Scott and Kathy Rosenow and the 19 children still living at home

At the time of writing they owned eight Brolly Sheets. They were doing 45 loads of washing a week in two huge capacity washers and dryers. They were looking for a faster way to dry their Brolly Sheets without shortening their lifespan.

We sent more Brolly Sheets and of course, our famous dryer balls to reduce their drying time. Kathy adds drops of essential oils to the balls which she finds helpful for their children. Essential oils can used for their medicinal and health benefits which come from the antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties in plant extracts.

The Rosenow family visit the zoo (October 2017)
A recent visit to the zoo. This photo shows 18 of the Rosenow kids (one was at work). This was the first family outing in five months because of all of the children’s medical problems. ‘An awesome day!’

When she wrote to thank us, Kathy needlessly apologised for the delay. The Rosenows were trying to fit 56 appointments into their lives! Their afternoon had been spent at the hospital for three MRIs. Sadly Scott was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of 2016 (he is doing well now after treatment) but it’s been a tough time.

At Brolly Sheets we are conscious of our customers’ privacy but our hearts went out to this family and we asked if it would be appropriate to share their story. Their response amazed us:

‘Feel free to share anything you want. We are a very public family as we try to be a voice for the millions of other orphans waiting for families all over the world.’

Halloween dress-ups
A few of the Rosenow kids (and two of their dogs – look closely for Godfrey Graybeard 😁), dressed up for Halloween.

Want to know more?

  • Watch “Meant to Be” based on one of their daughter’s stories. (She is the one playing the adult version of this child and narrating the film). Warning – grab your tissues first!
  • Read the family blog, “Where Love Learns Its Lessons”
  • Read Kathy’s personal blog, “Owning My Nothingness” where she shares more from her heart as mom of the family. There are some inspirational stories about their kids and the things we can learn from them.
  • Read “Swaying in the Treetops” Scott and Kathy’s book telling the story of how they ended up with their ‘crazy life’. Amazon has twice listed it as their #1 New Release in the Adoption and Special Needs categories.

Want to help other orphans waiting for families?

  • Visit The Shepherd’s Crook website. It has resources for those considering adoption and ideas for how best to help. Scott and Kathy Rosenow, are the founders and directors of The Shepherd’s Crook Orphan Ministry, a not for profit organisation that seeks to aid special needs orphans in several ways. 

Note: Brolly Sheets is not connected with The Shepherds Crook Orphan Ministry and is unable to endorse its work. Please make your own informed assessment if you wish to help.

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