Snazzipants goes jungle!

We recently had a chance to help out Cambodian families struggling with basic sanitation when we asked Darrel Steer and his team to distribute some products from our popular Snazzipants range.

Darrel heads a project based in rural Cambodia, his grassroots organisation ‘Cambodia clean water and toilet project’ aims to raise the standard of health and hygiene by installing water bores with pumps and sanitary toilets for villagers. Work is currently concentrated on the villages around Siem Reap, close to the iconic Angkor Wat temple.

At the end of 2017, the team had installed 118 septic tank toilets and 46 clean water bores. ‘We have been privileged to assist many families with some of the basic necessities of life – clean water and a sanitary toilet. It is truly wonderful to see that (with support) we are able to make this possible’.

Darrel believes that education, particularly for women, is key to the country’s future. Currently less than 10% of young girls complete high school. A prerequisite to school attendance is good health. Clean water and sanitary toilets are essential. It is in this area of health and hygiene that he believes they can make a significant change in the lives of village families – giving hope for a better future.

When Brolly Sheets heard about the project, we wanted to be part of it. We’re the toilet training experts so our first thought was for those not quite ready to use the toilet. Darrel told us of the many young mothers who struggle to do the best for their babies when they have so little. We asked him to distribute some of our Snazzipants reusable nappies on his next trip. After watching a quick demo on how to put them on a baby, he promised to pass on his new expertise and hand them out to mothers who might find them useful.

We were delighted to receive these beautiful photos and the news that they found them a ‘Godsend’.

If you would like to find out more about the work of Cambodia Clean Water and Toilet Project visit the Facebook page:

To maintain their work requires funding. Darrel says every little bit counts in Cambodia where any donation goes a long way. If you wish to help, email for information.

Disclaimer: Brolly Sheets is not connected with the Cambodia Clean Water and Toilet Project in any official context and as such, are unable to endorse its work. If you are considering donating to any not-for-profit, we recommend you conduct your own due diligence and make an informed decision.


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