Can You Potty Train Kids in Public Toilets?

We’ve all been caught out. We’re in the middle of toilet training, but we must go out. Just how hard can it be to potty train kids in public toilets? Surely they’ll understand a toilet is a toilet no matter where it is? Don’t rely on it!

What can you do to make toileting kids easier when you’re out and about?

You’ve finally got your child sitting on the potty. They’ve even mastered sitting on the kids’ seat on the grown-up toilet, hurray! So, you’re all taking a trip to the supermarket and you know there is a public toilet if you need one. The inevitable happens. “Mummy, I need to go to the toilet noooowww.” You leave the trolley in the middle of an aisle and head to the public toilet.

After what seems like an age, the assistant eventually locates the key and unlocks the toilet. You grab the largest stall where you can both fit in together but your child refuses to use the toilet. How can you get them to go?

Here are some tips to try:

  • Cover up the sensor on an automatic flushing toilet. The unexpected noise can freak some kids out.
  • Explain that yes, the toilet seat is bigger, but I will stay here and make sure you don’t fall in.
  • Holding a little boy up so he can pee into the toilet stops his little pee pee aiming and missing, as well as stopping it from resting on the cold toilet bowl.
  • Bring a potty with you. Not ideal, but taking a small potty in a large bag avoids the need to actually use the public toilet.
  • Sit your child sideways on the seat. This completely stops their fear of falling in!
  • Have rewards in your bag ready to give your child as soon as they’ve gone. Who said bribery was wrong?

Accidents will happen, so make sure you take a spare change of clothes with you and wet wipes. You could also try our Waterproof Undie Liners* or Woxers Kids Waterproof Boxers**. Both will help catch any wee accidents if you can’t make it to the toilet in time.

You will also need to take plenty of patience, practice, more patience and more time!


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