I am a Mum of 2 and about 12 years ago needed a simple and quick way to change a wet bed at 2 am.  I kept hitting my head on my daughters top bunk, (she slept down the bottom) when I stripped and remade her wet bed each night. There had to be a better way – so I got the sewing machine out and made up what was to become a Brolly Sheet.  I choose the name as Brolly – umbrella – is something we use to protect ourselves from the rain, created a simple website and the rest is history.

Brolly Sheets is still a family business, in fact Lewis is in here whilst I write this putting stickers on brochures and doing a stock take and Mia has been in this morning updating our Facebook page. (Both kids are now teenagers – its school holiday time).


Brolly Sheet 560 x 315

We have moved from just night time training products to becoming the experts for both day and night time toilet training.  Plus we now can waterproof the whole family from your bed (for protection against dust and sweat), your kids, your parents, to those with special needs and even the family pets.

From my family to yours.