Understanding & Treating Constipation in Children

Toileting is something parents freely share information about with each other. So when it comes to constipation in children, there’s plenty of advice around. The challenge is narrowing it down to what you need to understand about constipation and how to treat it. That’s why we’re here to help...

5 Tips to Help Toilet Train a Child with Autism

Moving from pullups to undies can be challenging for any child. Toilet training a child with autism is even harder. Learning all the steps needed to use the toilet successfully, as well as developing awareness of a full bladder or bowel are some of the many difficulties children with autism face. Here are five of our top tips on potty training a child with autism.

Elimination Communication or Baby Potty Training: What Is It & Why Do It?

Elimination communication is not a term heard often in NZ but is popular overseas. Essentially baby potty training, parents have raved about the benefits, including less stress when toilet training and the saving in nappies! We explore more about what it is and why you as a parent would choose to potty train your baby.